The Recruiters Foundation Course

By | January 27, 2014


This course will equip you with the basic skills of a

Modern Day Recruitment Consultant.

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profile picChantal has lived and breathed recruitment for over a decade. During her time as a consultant, she recruited for a vast range of projects, roles and industries. Her recruiting scope ranges from a group of apprentices in Mining to a CEO in Arts & Entertainment. You could say she’s recruited everything but the kitchen sink!

After gaining further recruitment experience in leadership, project management and business process, Chantal launched into her true calling: combining her passion for recruitment with her love of training, learning and development.

As the National Operations Trainer for IPA Personnel she developed, implemented and facilitated an entire company learning curriculum in alignment with Best Practice Recruitment.

Chantal continues to specialise in this niche market, delivering engaging recruitment learning solutions via workshops, classroom courses, one-on-one coaching, live webinars and online learning. She believes that training is not One-Size-Fits-All and prides herself on a tailored approach to each individual’s development, even in a large group or online environment.

Chantal’s professional qualification as a trainer, recruitment experience and ongoing involvement in the industry forms a strong combination for her support to recruitment professionals in their roles.

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Module 1: The Company Experience


Module 2: The Industry Experience


Module 3: The Candidate Experience


Module 4: The Client Experience


Module 5: The Sales Experience

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